Thomas Busby's Chair

Busby's Chair in the Thirsk Museum

Thomas Busby's stoop chair was cursed by Thomas Busby in 1702 after he strangled his father-in-law for sitting in his chair. He was hanged for the murder and it is said his ghost haunts the area of his death. The chair now resides in the Thirsk Museum in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom and has been there since 1972. The chair has been suspended on the wall to prevent any more victims from sitting in it and succombing to its murderous wrath.


The chair has supposedly claimed 63 victims.

  • 1967- Two Royal Air Force Pilots sat in the chair and crashed a truck into a tree upon leaving the pub the chair was at.
  • 1970- A mason fell into a hole the same day that he sat in the chair.
  • 1971- A roofer died after sitting in the chair when the roof he was working on fell in.
  • ?- An employee of the pub the chair was at fell into the chair and died of a brain tumor.
  • ?- A Delivery man rested in the chair and was killed in a car accident that day. 

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