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A wiki for everything creepy, unnerving, or downright terrifying.

Add Your Own Horrors

Feel free to add your own discoveries to the wiki. Anything from a cursed item or an uncaught serial killer. The goal of this wiki is to become an encyclopedia of all the things that make us feel a little uneasy. Information like where a scary legend bagan or how a picture is debunked belongs here. This is not a place to post random spooky stories however. 


  • No- Creepypastas. Descriptions are fine as long as they link to the story elswhere, but it is wholly unnessary to reprint the entire story to this wiki.
  • No- Totally made up pages. Do not post about how scary your house is or anything of that nature.
  • DoPost debunks if you can verify it or prove it in some way.
  • Do- Feel free to add horror movies, scary comics, or creepy music.

More rules will be added if neccessary.

To Do

  • Add Characters (ie. Slenderman, Jason Voorheese, etc)
  • Add Movies, Music, Games, Art, etc.
  • Add everything.

Latest activity

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This Is Sickening

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